Echo Hotel ‘Supervisor’ : You can’t help but feel guilty about feeling happy.

Echo Hotel

Bejeezus pizzaz is where Echo Hotel’s ‘Supervisor’ comes to live. Soothing, life living, soft as your favorite living room sofa spot.

Equal parts reflective and energetic, Echo Hotel mix tightly-wound rhythms, fitful guitars with chronically self-aware lyricism into genre-hopping alternative songs – heartfelt in their introspection and almost caffeinated in their nervousness.

‘Supervisor’ is a song about feeling out of place drenched in vintage indie stylings, Echo Hotel’s second single Supervisor crackles with energy and pep from the start helped along by raucous horns from James Storm and keyboards from Jonathan Segar.

You can’t help but feel guilty about feeling happy with ‘Supervisor’.

Keep feeling good, though. It suits you.


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