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Echo Ladies Share Perfectly Rated ‘Overrated’.

Echo Ladies’ single ‘Overrated’ is in perfect pitch. What we mean is that it is the right amount of angst, within a blanket of dream clouds, over the horizon in dandelion-esque flutter in summer’s warm embrace. It’s welcoming and haunting and tragic, all at the same time. It’s meant to be. It’s certainly served that way. And for good reason.

It’s nothing without the opposite of tragedy. Tragedy is without the irony that is intrinsic of contentment.

The Malmo based band, like many bands we’d experienced from the Swedish city, has that x-factor that we are so fond of. The eclectic cerebral tact their musical arrangements are chill, though with a hint of trepidation and honest emotional quips. The best way to serve serious issues is sometimes through humor. And sometimes the humor in all of us, is the best reflection at the real tragic road we’d always been on.

The mirror sometimes do not lie.

But it can be overcome. It can be broken; into small pieces, so we can go on. We must go on, for we need to keep on building the fabric, broken in places, healing for the future.

At least we have to try.

The trio consists of: Matilda Bogren, Joar Andersen, and Mattis Andersson.

They’re rep’ed by Hybris.



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