Echo Me ‘Cynical’ : Refreshingly poignant. Proficiently about you and us.

Echo Me / Photo: Philip Sommer

On one hand you can gain a lot from a black and white / cynical worldview that makes decision making way easier, but on the other hand most people are driven by a completely different energy, that has nothing to do with measurable accomplishments.

Said Echo Me: “I find that cynicism, for me, has been a tool that helps me navigate through life, but sometimes it gets out of hand, and I lose touch with the stuff that really matters.”

Jesper Braae Madsen started Echo Me. ‘Cynical’ is produced by Esben Svane and the two grew up as neighbors in a tiny village. They formed a metal duo at the age of 9-11 years old, and that way they taught each other to play music.

The Danish indie/folk/pop act Echo Me has played several hundred shows in Europe and US, and thereby he is an experienced entertainer that can engage with any audience. He has a unique voice that is at once strong and vulnerable. The songwriting is catchy, melancholic, personal and yet inviting.

‘Cynical’ is just simply a beautiful song, no matter which way.


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