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Echolalia Shares ‘Shadows of a Ghost Still Linger’.

Short lyrics have to pack a punch. Just numbers. By way of the promise of ‘quality’ in shorter totals, the impact should be of some ‘significance’ in a song. There are plenty of examples in this thought towards songwriting philosophies. Well, to clarify, for us, there needs to be ‘one’ unique element within a song that seems to be of ‘weight’ that we can hold and ‘hug’. Affectionately mind you.

Subjective, for sure. That’s what we do, for reviews are subjective.

Anyways, we don’t do hard-rock or heavy-rock on CHF, but as we sometimes do, we bleed into other categories to dip our big feet into the water and see hot it cooks.

At the surface, ECHOLALIA’s ‘Shadows of a Ghost Still Linger’ feels like a typical representative of this kind of rock genre. However, listen for a bit longer and you hear the bridge. Yes, it feels like it’s just a ‘blip’, but little things are noticeable and wanted, from our point of view. The bridge is oddly weird, and couple with the lyrics, the ‘gaudiness’ factor of the song shines the way it should. The negative becomes the positive.

Breaking the conventional line of song construction is what we seek the most, and we think there’s something here with this single.

Oh, and Adam Flietstra’s vocals sounding like TOOL’s MJK, just a bit, is a good thing too.


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