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Echoshark // Tamu Massif // Autorall // Darvid Thor // Phileas Fogg

Echoshark – Away

Los Angeles based but originally from Western Massachusetts makes dramatic casts of sound and soul in his music. ‘Away’ is an amalgamation of classic ballads, intertwined in the format of how our normally confused state of emotions usually emanate. The amplified digital entrenchments, with blaring peaks of mounting aggregation, ‘Away’ plays at your deep and underlying limitations. ‘Away’ is an impressive debut single from the artist. Flowing, with electronica to enhance the melancholic pop that is inherent and expansive. “The song was inspired by Bill Withers’ song ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ and personal experiences in my life,” said ECHOSHARK. “Even if you know in your head that the addictive relationship is wrong, there is still this powerful force that drags one back to it. When you are separated from your beloved obsession, you still crave closeness with them. The compulsion to connect with them can be an overpowering repeated cycle.” Well said and palpably apropos, indeed. We’re looking forward to many more from this fabulous artist.

Tamu Massif – Get Some Sleep

Home sweet home. That’s what we think of when listening to ‘Get Some Sleep’. Cozy, content, we rise in the morning after a good rest, of body and emotions. “It was sort of written as a lullaby – but it’s intentionally not as chill as it might have been to reflect a mind which won’t switch off.” Tamu explains “I have to admit I tend to be a freakishly good sleeper – probably my greatest talent. I do know what it feels like to not be able to sleep though – and it really sucks.” The chill production is uniquely built and rhythmically incandescent. Tamu’s debut album ‘Little Death Summer’ drops March 29th.

Autorall – Guts and Gears

AUTORALL is the project of Brazil based artist Paulo Rocha. And he’s a bad-ass. ‘Guts And Gears’ come from the EP ‘The Unpopular’. Bowie, LCD Soundsystem, Chemical Brothers, all AUTORALL. The beats give you a black eye, and you’re happy with that. Technology is embedded in this conduit to the guts of Paulo and his visions. A glimpse of absolute attraction in one single. Synth, guitar, you, him – since 2009 AUTORALL has been doing his thang. The wave continues.

Darvid Thor – Anything

DARVID THOR’s single ‘Do It Again’ was a Song Of The Day back in the day – August of 2018. And when Darvid comes with ‘Anything’ we’re all smiles for, we’re thinking about what we said. “is a promise to thy-self. A promise to go forward, in the shadow of the past – of what was true, and is true still,” is what we said of ‘Do It Again’. That kind of pattern continues with this daringly interesting brain of this Melbourne based artist. And Darvid states on ‘Anything’: “I wanted to consider positives and lessons learnt from a particular experience, instead of dwelling on how it was bringing me down. That was the best way to move forward”. He does seem like a very sensible guy, no? Darvid’s debut mini-album ‘​I’m Never Really Here​’ drops March 1st.

Phileas Fogg – Camden by Northern Line

LYRIC: “Awaking and its Sunday shine, and everyone I know is outside. To Camden by Northern line.” PHILEAS FOGG loves Camden. Is it a one way street with this relationship? Does Camden know about this? Anywho, this lovely and playful single is by Asi Binyamini. A nice UK chap who knows what he wants when a town like Camden comes in view. The old school doo-wop style of music in ‘Camden By Northern Line’ is more than about the town, but it’s about a state of mind (and maybe a girl in the town Asi really dug?). Just guessing, mind you. Short but sweet is this single and let’s see what other goodies Asi will offer in the future.


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