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Eckhardt And The House Shares ‘Humans’. “A greetings from us to the lights above.”

‘Humans’ is based on a Peruvian folk song, which had been added to the Voyager’s Golden Records. The Voyager was and is the spacecraft launched by NASA back in 1977. It’s still in flight through space, going deeper and deeper into open space. Now outside of our own system, it carries the Golden Records which would be the theoretical first ‘touch’ with any intelligent life. If indeed they exist.

ECKHARDT AND THE HOUSE utilizes the BEASTY BOYS ‘Roots Down’ sound cavalcade, to keep it sonically nostalgic and immediately infectious.

And it shimmers just like the Golden Records on that glorious spacecraft to the stars.

‘Humans’ is a song that just needs to be enjoyed. Click and turn on the vibe. The musical sounds of ‘nature’ flows through its vines of dexterity and purity.

EATH is the project of Rik Elstgeest.

Get in. The view is wonderful.


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