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Ecstatic Union Shares ‘Let It Be Love’. “When Atoms Vibrate With Passion.”

Chaos sometimes is the norm. When that desk is littered with papers piled up high, that could signal that ‘things’ are being accomplished. When atoms vibrate with passion, a Ramen noodle meal will successfully be cooked for a hungry man tonight. And when ECSTATIC UNION’s ‘Let It Be Love’ is scattering shotgun pellets at our vulnerable musical souls, it’s time to open up our bullet vests and digest the iron.

Close your eyes.

Imagine EU on stage with this single from the upcoming new album ‘Neurons’. It’s a dance party from rock’s point of view, and in portions, it is as exciting as when we listen to The Hives (with a bit less raucous).

That’s entertainment in our eyes.

ECSTATIC UNION has been formerly around since 2012 and has been doing this with Rex Costello as the genesis of it all. With many iterations of the band (and band membership) in 2017, their second full album dropped.

Now here we are in 2018, and the band will drop ‘Neurons’ through their label Channel Records on September 1st.

We think that’s swell way to go.

And we also think you should give the band a try. We sure did and look at what happened.




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