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Ed Beezy // Paragon Don // Sean D. // JD Cliffe // Static Noize

Ed Beezy – Lil Boosie Fresh

As he describes himself, ED BEEZY is “just a kid from Chicago making music people can dance and be happy to…” That’s always fabulous to us at CHF, for, you know, when someone wants to make us feel good and then dance? We’re IN. Now, working hard to keep up with this soothing attack from Ed, would be another story, for we can’t dance very well. But we do try. We really do. It’s easier with ‘Lil Boosie Fresh, though.

Paragon Don – Cidy Went Crazy

‘Cidy Went Crazy’ is a diary of moments that just wasn’t a good addition to the overall positivity of the day. Don’t you hate it when that happens? It sure does. But you write about it, in a fashion that is appetizing and memorable to your audience. And everything just dials down to that point. Even if your lyrics have one audience member, the passion still exists and soon would be recognized and felt by others. We’re hoping PARAGON DON’s lyrics can be that occasion.

Sean D. – Secrets Of The Night

SEAN D. just loves what he does. We think we can hear it in how he inflects in his lyrics. Heart and soul, goes into his jams like peanut butter jelly (whoa we made a rhyme). In this weirdly hooky single, just demonstrates the kind of attitude and fun that we love hearing. Sean’s vocal uniqueness is also a virtue for his single, which adds to the ambience.

JD Cliffe – Long Time

North London’s JD CLIFFE is making waves in the rap game, and with his new EP ‘Neon Jungle’ on the way, December 7th, the next evolution should be fabulous to witness. ‘Long Time’ sits on the pedestal of things that get in the way of the more important things in life, or situation. Sometimes things are what and how it is. The drip-mumble infatuation of a single, just gets to a core feeling, and never lets go.

Static Noize – Revenge

Siri Da Cupid and Trilla Venus makes up this fab duo team named STATIC NOIZE. The smooth rhythms and captivating lyrical works, make the group stand out. 2018 kicked off with the release of their 3 track EP ‘Timeless’. Rough times in love and heartbreak keeps this lively and soothing single up in positivity and situational motivation.


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