Ed Hawke ‘After All This Time’ : It’s never changed, and it’s a warmth of pop that you’d never let go.

Ed Hawke

Something about Ed Hawke that sends you into another dimension. Sentimental, familiar – ‘After All This Time’ is love call of the most visceral.

“I’ve been working on being more vulnerable in my writing,” said Ed. “In a way, that’s what ‘After All This Time’ is about. I have become used to feeling a certain way for as long as I can remember. It takes real strength to break away from a feeling that has become so comfortable and intertwined with my own identity, to just allow myself to be happy.”

We’d said of Ed that it “is that sentimentality of soft-pop rock you’d imagined of a different era… framed around a friendly and charming unobtrusiveness of styles reminiscent of Christopher Cross, Paul Simon, and James Taylor.”

Ed’s beautifully calm and gentle nature in vocals assertions, tinge with sparkle and nostalgia – bringing you to a center of hope and hopeful prosperity in emotions and self-reflecting relevance.

It’s never changed, and it’s a warmth of pop that you’d never let go.


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