Ed Hawke ‘Staring up at the Sky’ : Assertions tinge with sparkle and nostalgia. Bringing you to a center of hope and hopeful prosperity.

Ed Hawke

This record is the sonic representation of freeway driving through California, with the wind in your hair, sunglasses on and the energy you find in the seemingly endless horizon.

“I found a new inspiration, peace and direction in the open horizons and hills, only to find that when I returned home, my life in Melbourne was the same as how I’d left it. Making those changes and reigniting that inspiration was going to be a long and slow process. It’s about separation, and longing to be somewhere that you’re not.”

Ed Hawke is that sentimentality of soft-pop rock you’d imagined of a different era. ‘Staring Up At The Sky’ is a song driven by story telling, framed around a friendly and charming unobtrusiveness of styles reminiscent of Christopher Cross, Paul Simon, and James Taylor. A song that dips into the harness of foregone pasts, with the striving positivity of betterment for the future.

Ed’s beautifully calm and gentle nature in vocals assertions, tinge with sparkle and nostalgia – bringing you to a center of hope and hopeful prosperity in emotions and self-reflecting relevance.

‘Saring Up At The Sky’ is love in the most realistic sense.

It should be part of your day.

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