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Ed Schrader’s Music Beat shares new title single track ‘Riddles’.

Baltimore’s own, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat announced their new partnership with Carpark Records. Now after all the hard work, it’s now time to spread the good songs they’ve produced. This time it’s their title track ‘Riddles’ of the upcoming March 2nd album of the same name. ‘Riddles’ (the track) draws you in with its melancholic innuendos, setting off sparks with bridge and chorus – titillating your goose bumps to millennial punk extravagance.

The tease is Real. And this song astoundingly accomplishes angles, we love and love to listen to.

“To me this song is about shaking the ghost of an ever-present teenage self, only to realize you are only ‘that ghost’ and nothing more,” Ed Schrader stated. “You’ve been asleep in your head and you wake to a shattered present…even with its monsters, you run back into it and pull the covers over your head.”

The duo stated that after many tours under their belts, and expounding their songs to fans in venues known (and underground), the band wanted/needed to make the new album. And just like any ambitious innovator should feel, Ed and the gang wanted to expand and explore the further reaches of what they could be possible with their musical expanse.

“For me, the album parallels feelings of confronting the past, resolving it, facing the music, and blasting out of it,” says Ed. “It’s the album our hearts wanted us to make.”

‘Riddles, the album, will drop March 2nd.

The duo is rep’ed by Car Park Records.

Purchase album [HERE]

We’d reviewed their first song and music video, ‘Dunce’ [HERE]

Don’t forget to note their 2018 tour dates, as well [HERE]



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