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Eden Mulholland Shares Single ‘Wild Animal’.

Jackie was lost. She’d never been in this situation before. She’d never been in this kind of trouble before. She’d been fighting this for such a long time. She felt she was alone, and vastly out-numbered.

She clenched her lips, biting them a bit, in order to stop herself from crying. She knew what to do. She had to keep on fighting.

Her hopes were dashed many times before, and she’d come back to fight another day.

But this day…this day was different.

Her foe was powerful. Very, very powerful.

She was certain she’d met her hardest and most devious of antagonist, ever.

She clenched her fists. Her finger joints hurting from the frightful energy put upon them.

Sacrifice needed to be placed, and utilized.

She had to become her ‘antagonist’, to win.

Trouble was, she’d already lost by converting.

She also knew that. She also, chose to win.

EDEN MULHOLLAND’S single ‘Wild Animal’ is a fantastic and dramatic single that seem to sweep across a mini-series like frame by frame. It feels like dimensions and time/space is being described. With the delivery affording a tinge of irony and tragedy, whoever the main protagonists are, they are sure to appeal to our ears and our entertainment ready hearts.




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