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Edgewater Angel Shares ‘Done With You’. Unapologetic And Proud.

Modern pop-rock duo Kaylee Atherton and Mario DiLeva brings to the fore, their single ‘Done With You’. A song that is about being fed up and the process of out-growing the ‘un-necessary’.

It’s all in the angle you take, really. And in relationships, there’s a way to do so, and there are unapologetic ways of doing so. In this case, Kaylee and Mario took it to a high-velocity cliff and burned the edges a bit.

Rockin’ and doing it in style is alway a good thing. And surely EDGEWATER ANGEL has it flowing.

“We really never started out to be a band, but when we started writing songs together, we realized we had something special. After a couple weeks of writing, we wrote our single, ‘Done With You.’” Mario DiLeva.

They will be releasing their whole EP in early 2019.

Check them out. Should be a fab time in a live setting, near you.



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