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EDORA’s New Single ‘Gold Digger’. “Don’t Think I Can Trust You. Prove Me Wrong.”

EDORA is based in Stockholm. EDORA is a pop-group which takes your inhibitions away. Gorgeous vocals make what EDORA is and will be. The Scandinavian dynamo of a group sings ‘Gold Digger’, and we’re smitten.

Is that natural? Yep.

The grand ceiling to this single is a tapestry of digital elements, succinctly denounced in parts and pops during the single. It i the background

What a start, and in a later time this year, EDORA will drop an EP for the masses. ‘Gold Digger’ is the first debut single. We think there’s gold up in them hills, and this band will be there with all their fixin’s.

Now there’s one thing to do until the EP, and that’s to enjoy their musings.

Have at it.



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