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EDWARD SANSOM // Maximals & Boothed // R3HAB & Icona Pop // Nytrix // DiskoBat

EDWARD SANSOM – Can’t Fight Them All

‘Can’t Fight Them All’ is exactly what it sounds like. The world is hard, and never forgiving. But is it foolhardy to give in? The fight has just begun, but will you be able to take it to the 12th round? Are you willing? Handling his own anxieties, ‘Can’t Fight Them All’ was born. And as the driving chords drive the waves of indeterminate negativities, EDWARD SANSOM drives on, with an ever present vigor and passion for what is his life. Yes. Life is a string of challenges upon difficulties. But many have conquered them, so why not you? Why not all of us? Edward puts that question to task in this single, and with the effervescent big-sound construction, it points the way, forward. “I aim to create a melancholic euphoria within my songs – to cut through the sweetness of pop with a razor sharp blade,” promised Edward. And “inventing a blissful yet cold ‘New Dark Pop’ genre”, for the masses. Kudos ES. Kudos.

Maximals & Boothed – Up & Down EP

Maximals and Boothed team up to make a dual-sided EP ‘Up & Down’ for us to consume. And consume we will. Based out of Protocol (Nicky Romero’s label), ‘Up & Down’ keeps it nasty as the heavily electro influence, synths, and grimes to your heart’s content. The accelerated sounds of the double sided EP offers the melodies and funky grooves sure to keep you on your toes (and on the dancefloo). This imprint is Maximals’ 6th release with Protocol. Producer Boothed starts his journey with Protocol, in fine fashion.

R3HAB & Icona Pop – This Is How We Party

Fadil El Ghoul is the artist named R3HAB. And combine this dynamic artist with ICONA POP, and you have this explosion of happiness that is beautiful for your soul. Let your hair down, and with ICONA POP (the artist behind the internationally popular ‘I Love It’) at the helm, the fevorish lyrics hand you the acclaim for the ages. “I’ve been a fan of Icona Pop ever since their first record release,” said R3HAB, “and I’m so excited to have a collab with them. This track was so fun to make and I hope everyone enjoys the positive vibe that it stands for.” ICONA POP stated: “As kids brought up in the 90s, we wanted to honor this party anthem ‘S.O.A.P. – This Is How We Party’ that feels as awesome today as it did back then! This collaboration with R3HAB felt like a perfect match and bridge over to what dance music is today.” So let’s dance some more. It’s within us. It’s within all of us to share this single with our peers.

Nytrix – Created by Chaos

NYTRIX is the darkness you’d always wanted to emulate. But somehow you’d never was able to. You had some trepidation about being converted to the darker side. But with ‘Created By Chaos’ there’s zero excuse, for within the brooding synth-wave walls, the oozing of notes envelopes your every cell, plapitating to a degree of knowledge, and unexpected anticipation. Blending notes of the other dimension, you’re blown into a netherworld of sights and sounds, distorted and in awe. ‘Created By Chaos’ is the first tract from the full album, and as the engrossing bass and thumping inhibitions, nail you to the wall, there’s just no going back.

DiskoBat – SadWoke ft. Cori Elliott

DiskoBat produces the single ‘SadWoke’ featuring the vocals of Cori Elliott. The sentiments re-up themselves in this prickly ballad of love and loss, under the bridge of harmonies a tone of realization for what life had been comes to living life. Jeremy Amato is DiskoBat, and has the delectable talent of expending the essence of sadness within shimmers of idealized happiness. Jeremy’s DiskoBat is one of 3 projects that he works on, including POM.


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