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Edwin Organ Shares ‘Are You Tired Too?’ “Double edged swords, right?”

EDWIN ORGAN’s latest ‘Are You Tired Too?’ is a perplexing and delicately delicious, temptation in pop fizz. With a full drenching of DIY synth, Edwin’s delectable sense of humor in irony, bleeds deep inside every nook and cranny.

The dancing aptitude of such delights, come at infrequent intervals. Just like a meteor in the skies that cover our heads, the delightful arrangement is new-wave taken into the halls of justice for a shimmer and an intrinsic lather. The foams of ‘fun’ bubbles up from the sundae, with your girl’s hot breath blowing in the multi-colored straw, as your body wells up in excitement and unadulterated desire.

Well, at least that’s what the song should be about.

Although the song is really about ‘millennial burnout’, the masked evangelism to the underlying suppositions, can be translated into ‘a desire of escape, and sometimes unwelcome desires’.

Double edged swords, right?

In any case. What we’re saying is that ‘Are You Tired Too?’ is fabulous and heck of a single to witness (like a meteor).

Ya dig? Cool.



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