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Edwin Raphael Shares Beautiful ‘Tangerine Skies’. “Love’s Got Everything To Do With It.”

Montreal based EDWIN RAPHAEL comes at us with the drizzling ballad of ‘Tangerine Skies’. The sultry vocals of Edwin, with the aromatic drama of the guitar and the quite accurate depiction of ‘longing’ in the frame of the song – makes for a beautiful sonic experience.

The single, in our eyes, is a hybrid, of sorts. It caters to both the ‘doomed & sultry’ plus to the ‘love like no other’ kind of sentiments. As we’d noted, it’s a ballad that has dual duties for the lover in all of us, and to the forward looking Juliette, taking a deep breath from a troubled past.

The incendiary and palpable make up of the lyrics, for the romance-induced, is a powerful breeze which helps to wake us all from the haze.

And as we all know, that haze always exists, when ‘love’s got everything to do with it’.

Let’s see where Edwin flies to from here.



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