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Edwin Raphael // Weal // We Know John // The Spiral Electric // Origami Machete

Edwin Raphael – Sober

Montreal based artist EDWIN RAPHAEL’s ‘Sober’ is a delightful exercise in unique and musical in a heart’s cry for help. However, the summation for what ails it, it keeps on crying into the night. This relationship might have ended, but a future one will be on its way. Unless not wanted, we all have a partner in life and love, somewhere near and/or far. Edwin dropped his EP ‘Ocean Walk’ in 2015. Now, as we dig deep into the new year, his mellow stories of love reflect correctly and mightily with our own individual journeys.

Weal – Night Drive

Tanja Simonsen comes through with her vocals for WEAL’s latest ‘Night Drive’. A guitar driven indie offering, with a brooding specter and story of a malnourished soul. Rockin’ noise, ghostly guide you through the halls of deliberate seeds of malcontent, racking up the rousing honor of an individual’s rights onto the struggles. As the bombs of love explodes around, he screams in horror and familiarity.

We Know John – Just Stay

The 6 piece Southampton band knows how to have fun. And in their single ‘Just Stay’ they bring up the ghosts of a decade past, and amplifies that classic pop-punk goodness that we can get used to. High energy and enthusiastic, the mix of ska and rockin’ riffs, the band relaxes as a band for that weekend; that party; that first date! The band consists of Sam W, Toby, Ben P, Ben H, Sam R, and John. Straight forward names, throwing out some good tunes. What could be better?

The Spiral Electric – The Final Moment

Third single from upcoming double-album release (March 2019), THE SPIRAL ELECTRIC is like Black Sabbeth, Zepplin, and the Doors, marching down the boulevard, with guitars in hand, slicing open the conservative musical hearts of the small town. The colors are abound and waits for no one, while they race towards a rockin’ interlude. Clay Andrews and Nicolas Percey started this little project, and as time rolled on, they gathered their loyal fans with ultimate riffs, hooks, building soaring musical encounters. It’s psych-rock where you’d like it to be. Dig it.

Origami Machete – I Gave to The Atrocity

El Paso, Texas. Bodies were found and the culprits were named ORIGAMI MACHETE. The victims of this noise rock were stated to have been found with gaping mouths, frozen in time, while watching the band developing another dimension on stage. The scene was ‘grotesque’ as one witness put it: “Yea. Saw the rows of bodies in front of the stage, with the weird faces frozen in time. They seemed to have been surprised at something they saw on stage. Seemed to happen suddenly sometime in the middle of the set.” In fact, later it was confirmed that while ORIGAMI MACHETE played their single ‘I Gave To The Atrocity’ that the attendees froze. It is unknown whether they will ‘thaw’ out of their state of unconsciousness. News at 11.


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