EGOMAŠINA ‘Linksmis’ : The band brings punk edge that is refreshing as heck.


Karolis Lamsargis, Antanas Jakutis and Tomas Riauka bring cool and punk together in their project, EGOMAŠINA. And with it they offer the 2 track EP ‘Linksmis / Spąstai’.

Radical and limber, the band brings punk edge that is refreshing as heck. The Lithuanian trio makes folks happy with classic punk stylings and an attitude that sings rightly with their listening audience. EGOMAŠINA shares a riff-driven mix of garage rock & electronic synth sounds in their latest single ‘Linksmis’ and it is a perfect companion to your downtrodden day.

The trio have a knack for melodic guitar riffs and intense synth lines, while being awesome at BMX, life, and philosophy. Rock-philosophy, that is. And armed with the visceral grandness of music which they provide, they ask the right questions that transmits to other languages, so very easily.

“Are you living YOUR BRAND of life?”

They have big ambitions. Let’s take a ride.

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Isivele i Spąstus #spąstai #egomašina

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