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Ek & Horn // Lunahod // Små Vågor // Lektrique x SWARM // Astrolemo

Ek & Horn – All I Do

Ek & Horn brings in an upright bass and farfisa organ to make you move to this colorful track. Off of their dual single offering ‘Venus // All I do’, the intriguing offerings of Ek & horn are displayed for all to see in this fascinatingly energetic and folksy, ‘All I Do’. The vocals are of haunting reminiscence and as it bellows in your gut with assumptive flare, you reside to letting you inherent notions for a bit of tribal dance and house music anointing. It’s an odd feeling. It’s a glorious feeling. It’s something that sticks on your ribs for the ride back into that life’s battle field.

Lunahod – Promars

‘Promars’ is if Chemical Brothers would meet with Jon Hopkins for coffee at Floating Points’ house.” The single is an offering that gives nod to the legendary Roland Promars Compuphonic synthesizer. Yes. That legend. LUNAHOD continued: “This tune was made mostly on this old synth, so apart from drums and percussion, all the synth sounds come from the promars. Also a big amount of coffee was used on making this tune, so there is the obvious influence. This is number one in the series that bears the name Radio Kroz Prozor (roughly translated, it means: “radio through the window”). The series is an attempt to digitally catalog the upcoming releases, not so much as a label, but from a visual and aesthetic point.” Chunky, vibrant, chill with a tasty aftertaste that lingers, ‘Promars’ is an anthem for the ages, even if it’s for an inanimate object. It’s so very worth it.

Små Vågor – Fyrtornet

Små Vågor 4 is Henrik von Euler’s fourth album under the Små Vågor imprint. Delicate and precise electronic music for the hours between midnight and early dawn. Jaded ambient excursions share the same audial space as more steadfast rhythms. Field recordings from forgotten parts of the Swedish countryside place the music in a naturalistic setting. Birds singing in the morning mist, trees settle down for the night and the sea grows weary as the storm approaches. The titles describes the scenery and lets the listener in on the secrets. Henrik runs the Swedish label Flora & Fauna and has been doing so for the last fifteen years. Apart from Små Vågor he has also released music with Dödens Dal, Jäverling ◇ von Euler, Rigas den Andre, Liljor, Markis Sage and many more.

Lektrique x SWARM – Silver Ghost (ft. Brian Lenington)

Lektrique and SWARM have joined forces to conjure up one hell of a record with “Silver Ghost.” Featuring the fantastic vocals of Brian Lenington, this electro creation is a full bodied anthem that will haunt you in the best way possible until the end of time. Full on attack, no mercy – an antithetical invitation for the unalterable. The single is an christening of the masses in a drapery of imagination and virtual exasperation. Just listen. ‘Silver Ghost’ has been released via Kannibalen Records.

Astrolemo – Lighthouse

A promise to another place of solace and maybe successes. ASTROLEMO derives its own energies through the modern hesitations and glimpses of future-past. Living and breathing, to an order of magnitude – described and fulfilled by its talent and ingenuity. ASTROLEMO describes himself as: “A fusion of modernized Massive Attack, drug-free Flying Lotus and spicy Bonobo.” A reliable and accessible form of alt-pop that hinges on the delights of life, and conjures up the essence of what that really means.


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