El Sportivo (feat Omotola) ‘Stay With Me’ : Sentiment of unity in the world during these divisive times.

El Sportivo

New single from El Sportivo (Daron Hollowell of Nights & Weekend, El Sportivo and the Blooz) is released in hope to spread a sentiment of unity in the world during these divisive times.

Daron stated: “This song in its lyrical content and its participants points to an understanding that beyond all attempts to divide or separate us we are ultimately, intrinsically, connected. It feels like the right moment for this song to be released as we face a world in transition where the old systems and structures are being challenged, we have an opportunity to build new ones that reflect our commonality and unify us. It is my heartfelt hope that we do.”

Daron Hollowell returned to the basic song he’d begun writing years before and enlisted the help of his good friend and omni-instrumentalist Jordan Chini, known by his alias Boy Dude, to co-produce the track.

Enrolling Omotola Lajubutu and her powerful vocals to the track, the formulaic range of the song provided the exact depth and warmth desired – further uplifted by the talents of the famous Waters Family (Twenty Feet From Stardom) and the local Silver Lake Choir.


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