ELBA ‘Dirty Footprints’ : Offers another hard to forget single.

See the fab pop artist next @ Huset Esbjerg, on March 21st, 2020.

ELBA / Photo: Anna Maria Kabana

The Danish rising star ELBA released her latest single ‘Dirty Footprints’ that brings a more clubbing sound and high intensity to her universe. The song is about handling/not handling critic from a specific person about your personality and not being able to just let it go.

“The personal criticism will leave some footprints in you, but at the same time the single is also a reminder about, that you will probably get out stronger on the other site.”

24-year-old singer and songwriter Ellen Bathum offers another hard to forget single, as ‘Dirty Footprints’ demonstrates again her range of expressions and dynamic pop sensibilities for listeners to notice.

’Poisonous’ is a continuation of ELBA’s debut single ’Antidote’, which was released in November. ’Antidote’ quickly gained momentum on the national and international pop scene as the single was added to several New Music Friday playlists.

ELBA is a strong new voice on the electronic pop scene in Denmark, indeed.

See the fab pop artist next @ Huset Esbjerg, on March 21st, 2020.


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