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ELBA – Antidote

The magnetic single ‘Antidote’ by ELBA is so strong in its absolution and resolution from the pangs of a modern existence. Or is it all about the modern living only? Or does ‘Antidote’, a sweeping song about the truths of relationships and the inevitable frailties of such relations, keep us glued to a better reality in juxtaposing our menial tasks in life? The 23 year old singer/songwriter Ellen Bathum is ELBA and the project’s powerful undertones diminish nothing, and expands everything. The Danes have it good with ELBA. We all do. Let’s look for more of her soon.

Jenna Lotti – Nervous

Communicating the flooding emotions from one to another, is sometimes a hard thing to do. Even with the intention of doing so, many times the nuances are incorrectly felt by the its audience. But not with ‘Nervous’. It’s a pop song that is all positive, with a tinge of nervously cautious reasoning. JENNA LOTTI stated on ‘Nervous’: “My song ‘Nervous’ is about the dark force of anxiety which has dominated my life since I was 10 years old. I’ve always used writing as an outlet to expose my inner demons and overcome all things negative in my life.” What you make of this world is totally up to you. And as positivity should be your overwhelming tool for energy and action, there is room for being a bit pensive towards the new world you head. It’s normal. Jenna’s here for you.

Jack Be – Keep On Falling Back To You

Rapper/crooner, JACK BE is antagonistic in ‘Keep On Falling Back To You’. It’s a good thing. He’s high on life. It’s the life level we all should be at. The pink-haired vocals make what your normal day (about to fall apart), become better and brighter. Let your shoulder relax; let your hair down and never look back in negativity. Can you do that? That’s what JACK BE wants to ask you. The colorful pop artist is multi-talented, multi-layered and seems to be pulling apart the curtains of a traditional pop industry with gusto. All momentum is with JACK BE. Look for much more in 2019.

Stefan James – Temptation

Yea. It’s multiple time we’d featured STEFAN JAMES. And as you can tell, there’s a reason why. ‘Temptation’ is the next of his ninja sharp single about love that pierces the fog of relationships and makes people love again. To be honest, Stefan’s gone through many personal tragedies and failures at an early age. He pulls his lyrics out of those such experiences, and converts those feelings of doubt and angst, into the glorious pop tunes we hear today. The 21 year old stated: “I’ve been there,” Stefan says, speaking to all who are dealing with depression, loss or addiction. “When you’re feeling down, just put a couple of my songs on and cry or smile. Whatever you have to do to get through that moment. You’re not alone.” Word.


We challenge you ‘not’ to dance with NIKO IS’ single ‘Coca’. Brazilian beats, reverb rich lyrical expressions, and keys that slap you up side your head – all envelope your senses for the party you deserve in your soul. The accompanying video is directed by Narcy, and it plays off of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” but in a Los Angeles state of mind. NIKO says of the song,”Music is like dope. Music Makes people feel invincible. We wanted to capture that in audio form. Fear and loathing in tropicalia. NARCY filmed the video and executed our vision perfectly. Gonzo. Puro.” The newest album amplifies NIKO’s aim in Brazilian influenced sounds and navigates straight to his own cultures’ bountiful offerings.


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