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Eldoradio Shares ‘Restless Minds’.

We all have wishes. We all can relate to stresses. We need motivation, everyday, if you think about it. Small, medium, large – minute, obvious, significant – things that can help our adrenaline for the day to start ‘right’.

It’s different for each individual, for sure.

Is it the refreshing chilled orange juice, during morning’s breakfast time, that gets you jazzed?

Is it the brand new car outside of your home, which gets your gear going?

Is it next weekend’s group hike in the nearby hills, that excites you?

Or is it, the anticipation of looking into her big brown eyes, that melts your heart and gives you strength of a thousand men?

We’re complicated animals, and we sure are complicated in our wants, needs, desires.

But that’s what makes it fun sometimes, right?

ELDORADIO is a pop-rock band which in their single ‘Restless Minds’ keenly trudges through the haze of life, with bandolier riffs, gently guiding us to the end of the road. It’s up to you to decide, which split you want to take.

The band consists of: Thomas Keen, Adam Johansson, Anton Thorstensson, August Johansson, and Tomas Berglund.



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