Eleanor Jacks Shares ‘Blue’. “Demystify a Universe of feelings and emotions.”

“I wrote the lyric to this after experiencing the start of a relationship that I thought could have gone somewhere but the other person wasn’t in it for the same reasons I was. I was interstate with this person and despite wanting this to work, I felt completely alone and within this particular situation, extremely anxious.

Experiences are what songwriters write about.

ELEANOR JACKS’ latest single ‘Blue’ is about her’s, and within the contemplative vocals demystify a Universe of feelings and emotions; casting out with ambiguously understandings and empathy.

Eleanor decided, consciously to do this.

Being hurt and confused, is the norm of life. And in this exact moment in time, Eleanor decided to take it to a judo-like turn-about and make it positive as it can be.

Wounds can heal.

She’s never forgotten.

We shouldn’t either.

See her next at NEX – Newcastle Exhibition & Convention Centre, NSW on October 3rd.



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