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Eleanor Nelly Shares ‘Polaroid’. Silken Lighting, Enveloped The Girl And The Hurricane.

Was the 2nd of the month’s worst storm we’d ever seen. It came with a roar, and sat at the front porch swings never squinting. Hard and fast, the hurricane of a lifetime just smirked, and pointed. “One day, it’ll seem like something out of a fairytale. Or something out of a trusty musket.”

The roar subsided, as the days’ dusk arrived. With golden promenades of silken lighting, enveloped the girl and the hurricane.

The whistling of the winds, and the rustling of the leaves in autumn, slowly turned, to that chapter in the golden age, of something we’d never known to exist.

Eleanor Nelly is based in Liverpool (UK) rooted in the blues, country and folk. Her vocals are gentle yet strong, demure but confident, and it is the central focus of her music, depicting the spectrum of emotions a voice should exude.

“The song stemmed from a conversation that me and Andrew had”, explains Eleanor, “It was the day after Trump got elected in the U.S and I was explaining to him about all the problems that were occurring due to the government at home and Andrew was talking about the potential impact of the Trump presidency. So, at its heart, the song is just saying ‘if we just take a minute to admire the beauty and what we have, maybe we wouldn’t ruin it!’”

Eleanor went was produced by Cam Blackwood (George Ezra, Billie Marten) on ‘Polaroid’, plus on the upcoming EP.



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