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Electric Tongues Share Single ‘Your Place’. Beckoning Towards That Near-Far Future’s Pulsing Expectations.

‘Your Place’ is a beautiful pop single from the duo, Electric Tongues. In the Universe we inhabit, there are gaps between NOW and the TOMORROW. Dissect those elements in between, and the segments can be divided indefinitely, without an ending destination. And sometimes we all feel our ‘NOW’ is too far from the ‘TOMORROW’ and it’s silly to feel we can make it there.

But there are songs like ‘Your Place’, and we can feel better.

We want to, again, touch her beautiful face. Having the opportunity to circle your index fingers around her large blue-green eyes, as you whisper sweet nothings about and with her.

She smiles.

You’re transfixed.

She’s that love of your life.

Suddenly time rushes backwards, and the daydream is over.

You’re here in the ‘NOW’, very far from her ‘TOMORROW’.

But you smile still.

Wondering how wonderful her warm touch will soon be on your hardened soul.

The single ‘Your Place’ has been published with a dual single ‘Fista’, and is available now at Spotify for listening.

The duo from Fort Worth Texas, consists of: Phillip James Wilson and Maxwell Ogden.

Kudos Phillip/Max. Kudos.

Pure pop isn’t our focus here on CHF, but sometimes the beautiful craftsmanship compels us to become fans. This is one of those times.

Looking forward to seeing the band prosper as the months roll along.



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