Electron Mass Shares New Single ‘Arisen Arise’.

Electron Mass is a Scottish alt-rock band who poses some unique proposition to what and how music should be presented. They deem themselves as recording dark and unusual songs about science, nature and the cosmos, in general. And it certainly shows, for in their latest singles release ‘Arisen Arise’, they seem to delve into the nano world of electrons and quantum physics.

We sure are not scientifically sophisticated in the full knowledge of how things work in the quantum world. But this song reminded us of the famous experiment named ‘double-slit’ experiment. Here, electrons are shot towards two slits. The demonstration exists to test the hypothesis to see whether electrons work as ‘waves’ or ‘particles’. And in this famous test, electrons work as ‘waves’, with ‘wave-like’ characteristics with the results shown at the other side of the slit, manifesting as multiple hit points.

Quite sure we didn’t describe the test, perfectly, but the song attests to the magnificent enormity of what nature can bring to the table.

For we humans have just a fraction of the knowledge of what nature affords.

In any case, the fab and unique song is off of the ‘Luminous’ EP, and will be followed up by Luna my Luna and Earth-Light later in 2018.


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