Elephant Castle ‘My Muse’ : Inspired by the sacred and addicting process of creating.

Elephant Castle

Los Angeles-based singer and multi-instrumentalist ​Phil Danyew​, formed Elephant Castle in late 2019. “‘My Muse’ was inspired by the sacred and addicting process of creating – the feeling that music and lyrics are channeled rather than entirely self-generated.”

A hurtful and raw point of self inquiry and unadulterated examination of what you though you were. From there, after the self-pity and ultimate acceptance of whom you’d become, the real work starts, in that aftermath.

Elephant Castle released its second single, ‘​I’m A Loser​’ on May 8, 2020. Infusing warm distorted guitar sounds reminiscent of 60’s/70’s rock with soaring vocal harmonies and sarcastic lyrics, ‘I’m A Loser’ is a tongue-in-cheek anthem for the underdog.

Raised in Oceanside, CA, Phil has been writing and recording music since age 12 after stealing his father’s tape recorder. Growing up listening to 50s and 60s oldies, Elephant Castle is a response to these early influences combined with a love for vintage synths, layered vocals, the dreamy sounds of tape saturation and analog gear.

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“My Muse” out now! Follow your heart to the link in bio.

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2 days

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