Elias & The Wizzkids ‘Superstitious’ : Hearts pound as the unknown of love and outcomes. Hope must be topped off once more.

Elias & The Wizzkids

Veteran crew, Elias & The Wizzkids, return after ten years of silence. Inspired to do more, the band will offer up the upcoming third album ‘Embrace All The Weirdness’, with extra gusto and fervor for a new dawn for he project.

The band’s Elias Åkesson’s expressive voice is as if made for the retro-scented melodies that twist around pulsating piano chords and guitars that feel like a heartfelt embrace.

Elias said: “I sleep during the days now, not to miss a shooting star”. How on earth are we gonna handle the fact that this world seems to accelerate towards its inevitable demise. The narrator in the song ‘Superstitious’ turns to superstitions as a possible way to regain the hope that all isn’t lost.”

Hearts pound as the unknown of love and outcomes, confound our fragile minds. But there is a way to get through it, and one way is to sing and dance through the rough grit of it all.

You. Me. All of us, will get through, indeed.

Hope must be topped off once more. Let’s work hard.

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Release rehearsal

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