Elijah Banks x Hodgie ‘No Words’ : It’s a range of feelz that just works from here to there.

Elijah Banks

Shiny and nice. Everything just right on. With Germany and Ohio in his DNA, Elijah Banks makes it a bleeding cause to make his effervescent music of hiphop and soul, something to be embraced by his listeners. When not in Ohio, his other years were spent soaking up the dark trap illustrations and baselines of Atlanta, Georgia. With his timeless sonic skills, deft arrangements, and songwriting abilities he has landed in the Ohio spotlight, garnering critical acclaim from outlets such as Fly Paper Magazine, RAW, and Prime Social Group. Elijah is know for his humble attitude, and passionate dedication and commitment to music. Which is an immense quality no matter what genre or platform.

Off of his latest LP ‘Spin’, ‘No Words’ is a delight in rag-tag hiphop goodness that toes the line between commercial and pop. It’s a range of feelz that just works from here to there.


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