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Elijah Cushway // Rubin Kates and the Revival // Karl Jakob // Seaker // Tiz McNamara

Elijah Cushway – Katydid

Walking on the sidewalk, she looked up and across the chain linked fence. He was on that other side of the field. She didn’t want to look directly at him, at first, for it had only been a moment of life that they had been in deep, deep love. Where it all went wrong, she couldn’t, for the life of her, make it out clearly in her memories. But it had all of the pastel remarks that makes a movie a romantic classic. Smiles, glances, soft irrevocable touches were a big part of their existence. But now, he was on the other side, sad and curious, as she was on this side. The cold and ominous metal fences, depicted, as she’d though “a way to remember the harsher times” of their love affair. Why couldn’t she remember the good AND the bad times? As she started to walk again on the sidewalk of cracked pavement and jutting dirt, she saw the innocences of a butterfly, near where she stood – going past her – then through a slit of that cold and unrelenting fence. Will she ever be able to break from this madness? Elijah Cushway’s vocals are the anchors in his singles, as the supple nuance of his words, incinerate notions with singeing avarice. Rivers of dreams become one when Elijah sings. ‘Katydid’ evokes emotions that shouldn’t be, but recommended.

Rubin Kates and the Revival – Untitled

Rubin Kates and the Revival consists of Rubin, guitarist, songwriter and lead vocalist, Todd Porter on bass and drums, Jenna Gallagher on backing vocals and violin, and a special guest appearance by Jerome Godboo on harmonicas. Off of the 11 song LP ‘Vivian Road’, the band is utter honesty in song. ‘Untitled’ is a guitar driven journey of a lifetime. With beautiful fiddle to guide us all, the song passes our present stresses and straight to a possibility of smiles and good times. Rubin’s an Aurora, Ontario based artist and with his assertive vocal attention, brings his unique taste for Americana to the fore. Mixing experiences and beauty of the mess that we sometimes live, Rubin’s lovely acoustic lyrical descriptions, captivate.

Karl Jakob – Reality is here

Karl Tore Jakob Stenseke is the project Karl Jakob. ‘Reality Is Here’ is the most pop of his offerings so far. “In the early 00’s I was the guitarist and saxophone player of the Swedish grammy nominated band Zekes. In 2012, I released my first self-produced indie pop album under the name The Key Key.” He continued: “‘Reality is here’ is pop music for the end of the world. The slick electronic production is contrasted with intimate breaks of acoustic indie-pop sadness, cracks for the light to get in and moments for shit to get real. Radio-friendly despair of exuberant melodies and dark ambience are howling the inevitable message: REALITY IS HERE, IT’S PAINFUL BUT IT’S REAL. Word. Karl is a thinking man/woman’s artist and as we’d said of him prior: “Karl is like our tortured mind, injected with that concoction of do-nothings, invigorating but subduing our every nuance of our core. It is the death of non-sense, and return to a black forest filled with remarkable tensions.” Word, indeed.

Seaker – You

Kiran Hungin is the beautiful beating heart of Seaker. “The full song came about quickly, which isn’t common for me, and I didn’t want to overcook it and lose the real emotion that went in to those early takes, so I left a lot of them in. I love the raw and exploratory honesty of a demo and we often lose some of that during the process, so I wanted to keep that lo-fi, raw sensibility.” The resilience of the human spirit shows most perhaps when we feel at our weakest. We find our deepest strength in our darkest hours. ‘You’ speaks to this bittersweet journey and the twisted fabric of contrasting feelings that are able to coexist within human beings. In our lowest moments, just a slither of hope can be enough. Growing up in North-East England, Kiran Hungin’s childhood wasn’t the most typical for the location at the time. Born to an Indian father and English mother, it was usual to experience a mixed bag of sounds and tastes at home. It’s not surprising, then, that the music of Kiran’s project Seaker also paints a multi-layered picture. Longing and beckoning, the pillars of Seaker’s vocal prowess, clings to your psyche, in a translucent dance. A dance that you’d always want to partake. We hear you Kiran. We feel you.

Tiz McNamara – Falling Asleep

Tiz McNamara is an Irish singer songwriter and drummer who has racked up over 7 Million streams on Spotify with his independent releases. Originally a drummer since the age of 3 Tiz went on to study a music degree course in the prestigious Liverpool institute for Performing Arts. McNamara’s songs have featured on UK TV shows ‘Hollyoaks’ and ‘Emmerdale’ as well as gaining support from some of the industry’s heavy weights including BBC Radio 2, Amazing Radio and NME. From his debut EP, ‘Falling Asleep’ is “dedicated to the passing of my father and 2 brothers”. The EP releases April 1st 2020.


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