Elise Road ‘Daisies’ : Relationships are hard. Love puts genuine burdens to any single soul. But it’s worth all of it.

Elise Road

“‘Daisies’ is a feel good summer song,” said Elise Road. “It was written about those warm feelings we have in the midst of missing someone… I chose ‘daisies’ to represent in my case, the physicality of being in someone’s presence. However, ‘daisies’ can be truly anything that comes along with seeing that special someone-even the love we experience. Whether it be quarantine, a long distance relationship, or someone you just haven’t seen in a while, ‘Daisies’ is all in favor of daydreaming about the people we can’t get enough of-and maybe even bringing them a flower or two.”

Relationships are hard. And love puts genuine burdens to any single soul. But it’s not a solo act, but a team work that is building towards something that will satisfy and add to the goodness of a life together.

It works sometimes and sometimes not. But there isn’t a chance of success if 100% of yourself buys-in into the goals.

Elise’s ‘Daisies’ is that promise. The mutually agreed and embraced map, for betterment and even deeper appreciation for each other.

The ending is up to us, no?

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