ELIVALI ‘Beauty Part Of Life’ : Succeeds the promise of what can be achieved.


Freezing of deep felt emotions, is the balance of Elivali’s single ‘Beauty Part Of Life’. Suffering from the angst of unbeknownst contrasts, tortured and not recognized. The conduct of the people’s desire to be unshackled, shines in the words of this song.

This song has a powerful vibe to it which gives a contrast to the self doubting and insecure persona in the lyrics. A powerful song with many mixed feelings.

One day. Some day.

Your day. Our days together.

Let’s hold, hands and our hearts.

‘Beauty Part Of Life’ aims to highlight, and succeeds the promise of what can be achieved.

Your own achievements. Your way. Your satisfaction.

ELIVALI is an up and coming artist from Stockholm.


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