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Eliza Hull Shares New Single ‘Hard Way’ Off Of Upcoming EP ‘How We Disappeared’.

Eliza Hull shares with us her latest single ‘Hard Way’ off of the upcoming EP ‘How We Disappeared’. With vocal tones reminding us of many of the forefront women singer-songwriters, Eliza posthumously sets the rigid formalities of those souls of the destitute and the lessons learned. Long roads of life and visual existence, come apart sometimes in those radical calls for empathy and understanding.

The new EP will include 5 songs from the studio line which was recorded by Jono Steer, bringing the songs into animation with a five piece band.

Relevance in trauma, in love, or in hate, comes at costs. Accumulation of energies, layer by layer weigh down the over burdened notices of life’s desires, and passions.

Let things go.

Let things stay.

But can’t have it all.

Balance is a noteworthy key.

Happiness, comes from submitting to saying ‘Good-bye’.

Let’s be happy.



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