Elk Run + Riot ‘Castle Wolf’ : High-energy brand of alternative folk.

Elk Run + Riot

Since releasing their 3rd album, Animalia, in early 2018, Elk Run + Riot have been tearing up western Canada, and in the process winning over scores of new fans with their high-energy brand of alternative folk.

Said the band: “‘Castle Wolf’ is a tale of a person who drifts a little too far to the dark side and loses someone close to them. It’s not really specified in the song whether it’s a lover, friend, or family member who pushes the character away, so the song could mean something different from one listener to the next. The song finds the character comparing him/herself to a Lone Wolf throughout the song – they’re alone and wishing they had done things differently. It’s a song about hindsight, understanding and wishing well upon the people we have hurt or lost along the way. But like I said, it could mean something different to everyone!”

Banff, Alberta originating alt-/folk & country vibin’ rock band, Elk Run + Riot takes it up another notch.

‘Castle Wolf’ is the 2nd single which is from band’s 4th album ‘Morning Light’ (January 31st).


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