Ella M ‘Myself’ : Is one of those warmth of gold that Ella M brings.

Ella M

‘Myself’ is the other half of ‘Take Yourself Home / Myself’.

“This EP was written and made in the transition period of me moving to LA from England. I have realized that his project encompass all the feeling I had from home-sickness to sexual frustration to feeling empowered as a female in the music industry. I want this body of work to help encourage other young women in the industry, and people who are afraid of moving to follow their career goals.”

Ella added: “I have moved around a lot in my life and the change is never easy but it helps to know that I always have music to fall back on. It is the one constant thing in my life. I feel like there are a lot of people who think that moving countries to be around like-minded people, and to pursue their goals is too daunting but, I hope that this collection of songs can display the bitter-sweet nature of change. While homesickness and discomfort is hard to work through, the benefits of adapting to a new environment is actually incredibly inspiring.”

Ella M from Reading, UK and from the get go, a simmering r&b attitude shivers you forward. ‘Myself’ is one of those warmth of gold that Ella M brings. The gift of the writhing urges, comes in delightful shimmers, via her charming vocal retentions.

In heaving rushes, the rousing emotions, tension with begging grit for what was meant to be.

Ella’s so very good, you’ll go nuts with fever.

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