Ella M ‘Take Yourself Home’ : But in time, we learn, with the list of failures we experience… Move forth.

Ella M

“Take Yourself Home is essentially an internal dialog between myself and my anxiety towards success,” said Ella M on ‘Take Yourself Home’. “The busy nature of the track itself sheds light on the internal struggle I face while navigating my musical career. Through writing this song, I came to the realization that I don’t actually need the troubled thoughts to push myself to succeed and I forced myself to tell the negative voice in my head to ‘Take Yourself Home’. While I still struggle with suffocating thoughts towards my musical success, this song definitely put me in the right direction.”

Self determines, the external. A poetic but relevant truth of our human lives, it’s the lesson that we as new spawn of our parents, forget un-ironically. From generation to generation, we’re naked with a blank slate, open to much influence, and at the same time, averse to much of it.

But in time, we learn, with the list of failures we experience.

Ella M added: “This EP was written and made in the transition period of me moving to LA from England. I have realized that his project encompasses all the feeling I had from home-sickness to sexual frustration to feeling empowered as a female in the music industry. I want this body of work to help encourage other young women in the industry, and people who are afraid of moving to follow their career goals.”



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