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Ellie Bleach – I’ll Get Over It

Sometimes it’s easier to just let it go. And in Ellie Bleach’s I’ll Get Over It, it’s all about taking that road around the wall, and not challenging the height of that brick monstrosity. Sometimes, one can think clearer. Let’s keep it simple.

And why not!

Relationships and inner entanglements, flex and bend our living will – constantly and perpetually.

That’s why we let go of that angst. It’s therapeutic, it’s wholesome, it’s needed.

“Slap that hand, being put on your knees” she told herself.

“He’s testing you to see if you’ll forgive and forget.”

She slapped the hand before it touched her knee cap skin.

He was shocked. She wasn’t, at his reaction.

It was his M.O. when they get in an argument. His soft touches, his soft whispers. She knew she was a sucker for that.

“Not this time,” she said, reclaiming her self dignity, with a dry gulp of her saliva.

“Get off me. I don’t need to talk to you.”

It’s been a month since. She thought her decision to move to Los Angeles was the right choice.

Life. Un-paused now.

In a weird way, this song is vindictive and angry. But it’s put in a soft core audible explanation – which we love. It’s a journal, in a spiral bound notebook, with hearts on front cover – and with punk death metal doodle on the other.

It’s fab.

Kudos, Ellie. Kudos.

We dig your smooth operator, no victim prose.

She’s rep’ed by Hazy Dog, out of Norwich England.



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