Ellie Moon ‘Indecisive’ : Fun and exciting, the effervescent pop procedures.

Ellie Moon

With her quirky melodies, razor sharp humour and every-day ‘kitchen-sink drama’ lyrics, the world is bound to fall in love with Ellie Moon. Her debut single ‘Indecisive’, a hybrid country-infused pop-punk anthem with instant appeal, which is the opening track to her upcoming debut EP ‘Moonisms’.

Ellie Moon is the fulness that you’d always desperately missed in your life. Fun and exciting, the effervescent pop procedures of ‘Indecisive’ helps you expand your senses.

“I was cripplingly indecisive,” said Ellie. “I’ve been known to change outfits five times before I leave the house just to go to the supermarket…and I’m always late. The lyrics come from that, and also how I always say the opposite to what I actually mean.”

Born in Liverpool, Ellie and her family moved to Madrid when she was just 11 – an event which had a significant impact on her as an artist.

“When I first started, it was just me and a guitar in Madrid, I didn’t know any other musicians. It was a 20€ guitar from a little Spanish place,” she explained, talking about the musical journey she’s been on. “It just wasn’t me, or my personality, so I branched out and started to play in a band. I loved Jazz and Neo Jazz, so thought maybe I should try that and I somehow ended up where I am now.”

Working hard to bring the goodness that she can.

We like her already.

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new single out friday! I promise it won’t be boring ;;)

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