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ELLIOT LEE: Rebellious. Cutlass. Class. “There’s Nothing That Can Escape The Wrath. “

Already you’ve been cut by the lyrics of ELLIOT LEE. And you just don’t know where the stream of blood is coming from. It just seems to trickle down your appendages. Your examination of your body for holes comes to no result. You’re lost, in front of her, crying your eyes out.

ELLIOT LEE is Margaret “Elliot” Lee Harris and she’s been ripping ears apart with her versatility and depth for a bit now. Her transformations and evolutions, from word to word is quite fascinating to watch and witness. For her talent seems to be limitless, sans boredom from the world she occupies. But it’s not a lot of loss, for she has the pulse dialed and quips a taunt, here and there, in anticipation of such ‘boredoms’, for the pure expectation of her listener’s enjoyment.

From spoken word, to indie-dark-pop, she’s got it covered, as you see in her latest ‘Sick Mind’.

The norms aren’t interesting for ELLIOT LEE. The homemade music just drips with malcontent, but at the same time it’s an meteor collision you just can’t hide in the bunker from. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and she’s got your gumption in hand.

It will hurt.

It will hurt, for a while.

There’s nothing that can escape the wrath.

Her prior single ‘SRY ILY’ helped in ELLIOT LEE’s cause bringing highlights to the shootout of how self-loathing and mental illness can do. ‘Earthworms’ made her despicable disdain for what an abusive relationship can and usually is.

The camouflage we weave in our day-to-day lives is obvious and apparent. The circus atmosphere creeps in and out of our consciousness and realities, as the acidic scourge whither away, bit by bit, our sanity. Hard wired to utilize experience, negative reinforcements often help us fight, then sometimes shrink beside the shadows of ourselves.

We think though conduits like ELLIOT LEE, we can start to transform and pierce through the suffocating curtains.

At least we hope so.

We love the essence of ELLIOT LEE and Margaret’s strength.

Margaret is there for you.




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