Elliot Moss ‘I Heard!’ : “Recalibrate what life might feel like when it returns to normal.”

Elliot Moss

“‘I Heard’ is about being trapped by the idea of happiness. That there’s always something better for you, but you don’t know how to get it. Or can’t get it right now,” explains Moss. “I thought the song was done and we even had a video in the works. But as quarantine started up, being physically trapped squeezed out the last of the idea, sort of the final straw. Something about longing for the things that I didn’t realize were making me happy helped me to recalibrate what life might feel like when it returns to normal.”

Elliot Moss’ hypnotic new single ‘I Heard’, alongside its cinematic video, brings six days of quarantine in Moss’ New York home, in synch.

Director Matt Genesis supervised the entire shoot from Minneapolis over video calls, controlling the cameras by remote control, and Moss—with an assist from his father—handling all the gear onsite. The impressive result is a painstakingly crafted, surrealist look at life inside.


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