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Ellis Hudson Shares ‘Two-Faced Bitch’. The Balancing Act Is Complete, When The Viewer Participates.

ELLIS HUDSON’s single ‘Two-Faced Bitch’ is a song that is very close to his sleeves, in emotion and passion. Although presented in a beautiful contextual landscape of dreams and sweeping grasslands in the mind, the single is angry with unadulterated cynicism. But here’s the twist: there’s a small part that is positive and hopeful.

The lyrics or the situation described doesn’t say anything about it ‘literally’. However, it’s the post-analysis of things, in regards to the subject matter.

If you can imagine you are at the museum, and come about a large painting of the jagged and ‘cold’ beaches of the Atlantic, somewhere. The light is gray, looks a bit stormy, and in the painting there lies no one; no human being is captured in this painting – not a silhouette, nor impressions. It’s just the cold and seemingly ‘un-interested’ scene of nature by the sea.

And where’s the ‘hope’ we mentioned you ask?

It’s the viewer of the painting, who becomes the ‘positive’, the ‘hope’ of the painting. The balancing act is complete, when the viewer participates, by looking at the work and ponders.

You never know whether the raw emotions can be tamed.

And that’s a layer that is the most interesting of works like ‘Two-Faced Bitch’.

Dig deeper. Dig wider.


Hudson will drop his debut solo Album sometime in 2019.



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