Ellis Miah x The Jagg ‘lil Imagination’ : “Concept of using your imagination to spend time with someone.”

'Lil Imagination'

Inspired by the desire to travel when obstacles make it impossible the song explores the concept of using your imagination to spend time with someone.

This is Miah”s first release since scoring a world wide hit as a writer for BTS with “Inner child”. ‘lil Imagination’ is a collaboration between Ellis Miah and Italian House DJ Producer The Jagg. Together the duo deliver an infectious uptempo groove perfect for summer deep in 80s synth dance and r&b.

A native New Yorker, LA-based Miah’s gift for combining Pop, Soul, Hip-Hop and Dance has landed him on the Billboard charts 22 times, and touring internationally.

Currently working on an upcoming EP for 2021, Miah is releasing his own artist singles with collaborators from around the world through out 2020.


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