Elmer Andersson ‘Forget’ : Construction blazes forth with utter confidence.

Elmer Andersson

Refreshing take, and a positivity for romance is where ‘Forget’ by Elmer Andersson comes from . Born out of necessity to break from the heartaches and miss-steps, a story of salvation and victory in love, billows above this lovely r&b/blues tinged pop offering.

“The song is about moving on after a destructive relationship,” said Elmer. It can be hard to just forget a person and the things youÔÇÖve been through together and loneliness can break even the strongest person. But its important to follow your dreams, listen to your heart and to Do what brings you joy in your life. Nothing can stop you if you just want it bad enough and are prepared to put in the hard work.”

The chorus to the song is to die for, as it willows in and out of shades of gray and sunshine. A decadent gateway, it becomes, as Elmer’s lovely writing and construction blazes forth with utter confidence.

Let’s look forward to more of Elmer in 2020.


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