Elora Lin ‘Hello Crow’ : Dangle with enchanting iridescence.

Elora Lin

Euphorically mysterious. Fruitfully irreverent. Wholly culminating in the gray of questions and answers. The intended jazzy resistance and union for love and emotional reliance, dangle with enchanting iridescence in Elora Lin’s vocal offering of ‘Hello Crow’.

“‘Hello Crow’ is a great example of my love for jazz, psychedelic rock, and synthesizers,” said Elora. “This production heavy song started as a free write in a notes page while visiting the desert landscape of Palm Springs and a homework assignment for a jazz composition class. The songs form is based off of jazz as well, with each musician improvising their part so that the song sounds different every time.”

Elora Lin is a New York native who comes from a family of visual artists. She began performing at an early age and fell in love with singing. For college she attended The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music where she began studying composition with Kate Davis and Vilray.

‘Hello Crow’ featured: Theo Walentiny (keyboards), Morgan Guerin (bass), Pat Granzen (drums), Lee Meadvin (electric guitar) and Alyssa McDoom (backup vocals).


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