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Elsa Lester Shares ‘Pretty Bad, Man’. Don’t Be Bad. Be Glad.

Elsa Lester’s (Lisa Van Kampen) vocals and strumming is what’s so special about her new single ‘Pretty Bad, Man’. The bedroom super-diy singer/songwriter is, in our eyes, a tremendous talent in the sea of the genre. And the ripe demonstration is sealed within this new single, which will be included in the new upcoming EP ‘Dinner Party’.

Anticipation is always the ‘word’. What we mean is that, when there is absolute anticipation of a particular glint of hope, we deem that as having ‘anticipation’. It’s like that moment during a date, when you know that you will be kissing the other soon. Or it’s that excitement you feel about someone, and when ‘friendship’ turns into ‘something much greater’.

New upcoming EP ‘Dinner Party’ drops July 6th.

So, we expect lots from Elsa, to be frank.

She’s been around for several years publishing and the DIY artist will impress (she’s already been seen and on the radar of industry folks in Europe). And now, we see you Elsa Lester. We hear you. We want you at the next level.

It is inevitable.


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