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Elwood Mercy’s Single ‘Bug Song’ Brings You To That Place. Then Keeps You Hooked With 3 Song EP.

Alton San Giovanni heads this new project named ELWOOD MERCY, and from what we hear from its the single ‘Bug Song’, the unassuming lyrical tsunami deserves the kind of love that we all deserve, ourselves.

It’s the simple arrangement of his songs, combined with the circa, 70’s ‘tragic-love-story’ feel that makes a song like ‘Bug Song’ come alive with venom.

And here, you can see that Alton’s primary focus of his new project is for expansion into a new world of artistic expressions. He has much more to say, and ways to say them. So, here he is. With EM, and it’s the kind of thing that you, our readers, should dig like catsup.

His EP, ‘3 <3 Songs' is the buffet sampler of things that are being constructed in Alton's diabolic musical mind. You fall in love with this single 'Bug Song'. Then you are confused about 'that love' in 'Crushed Velvet Ultra Lovers' and 'Raags'. It's a trip around the world of and about love, in three effective songs. We're still scratching our heads, also, for the haze of love and war is, well, more haze. And because the EP is very, very cool. Quite poetic, we think. Alton's work is certainly a 'thing' to watch. And ELWOOD MERCY should be on your short list. Word. Facebook


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