ELZ AND THE CULT ‘Brainfreeze’ (Remix by Angelspit) : Calls to your inner beast and devours your worries.


ELZ AND THE CULT’s remix EP is grand, galactic, industrial, gritty. It’s an invigorating contemplation of sights and sounds, which calls to your inner beast and devours your worries.

Mixing dark electronic music with pop and goth undertones, Istanbul’s ELZ AND THE CULT first gained critical and commercial success with 2016-released single ‘I Did This to Myself’.

Bringing his haunting, theatrical visual shows to the stage, ELZ formed his touring band ‘The Cult’ consisting of Eylul Deniz on synthesizer and Efe Akincioglu on the bass guitar. The trio had a successful local tour and a chance to perform together with acts like The Soft Moon & Drab Majesty.

Angelspit’s polarizing rays in this remix, enhances to an exciting crecendo of being and existence. It extends the indelible notions for what ails. But ultimately, the 90’s feeling insurgence scrapes your cortex and presents a panacea of possibilities that satisfy like heck.

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LINK IN BIO This was the only gig we could have for our 2020 mini European tour. The rest of our dates got post-poned/cancelled due to the spread of COVID-19 virus. Sponsored by Cold Transmission Music we played live at M.S. Stubnitz at Hamburg, Germany with our label friends/bands S Y Z Y G Y X and Palais Ideal. The audio is not perfect since this was our first gig with our very talented sound engineer Bart – there were some unbalanced stuff planned to be fixed at future dates. We truly didn't care about those mishaps as we had so much fun and knew the tour had a huge potential to be great. We hope to re-schedule everything when this whole situation we are all in ends. Love you all, keep yourself with music and joy.

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