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ELZ AND THE CULT Share And Trigger Our Future-Minds In Single ‘Reflect Your Pain’.

It’s the year 3055. Just like the antique 19th century, the west was wild again. But there was something different. This time around, the air was thick with smoke, there was less of everything, and only neon streaks on human beings made it easy to spot and distinguish each other. Yes. Human skin has evolved into neon, because of the catastrophic death of the atmosphere.

And you are there. Having read about the years of old – in a past millennia – your focus in life was to help the weak, and try to establish ‘humanity’ once again.

The war torn world was a harsh place.

But you know you’re even harsher.

You traverse the world, in your leather studs, seeking out like-minded souls.

It’s been hard.

It’s been many ups and downs.

But here you are. Bright in purple and pink neon, flashing gloriously, championing the plight, of so many – holding up the endless requests of a place TO BE.

ELZ AND THE CULT is an electro trio from Istanbul, Turkey, with designs in producing emotive goth projects, touching the very cellular DNA of your musical heart.

They did so with ‘Reflect Your Pain’, and it’s fabulous.

Let your fantasies, run wild.

As you can tell, we surely did.



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